Single earrings wanted. . .

A slightly unusual request, we’ll admit, but then we are creating a showstopping ‘Lost Earring’ chandelier for one of our sitting rooms, which will be made from around 15,000 lone earrings, as well as necklaces and crystals.

Chandelier of Lost Earrings detail2

A detail of the chandelier by Geoff Brokate

It will be created by artist Lauren Sagar, who is renowned for her art projects based on storytelling and shared experience, alongside Zoe Rigby and her talented team at Agapanthus Interiors. While audiences will no doubt be captivated by the beauty of the finished piece – an incredible object of art in its own right – the chandelier will also be home to thousands of personal stories of memory, loss, beauty and love, donated in the form of a single, treasured earring, its pair having been lost.

As such, we are on a mission to collect as many lone earrings as possible, and especially those which have some emotional significance for the wearer. Along with donations of earrings, we would also encourage people to include a note on the meaning behind the earrings, as well as a few words on how the other one was lost.

Chandelier of Lost Earings 2

The original chandelier of Lost Earrings, created by Lauren Sager. Photo by Geoff Brokate

Earring collection for inclusion in our chandelier is open until the end of September 2016, and we invite both visitors and locals alike to gift their single earrings for this most curious of community projects.

*How to donate: You can drop earrings into reception at the Abbey Hotel on North Parade, or post through the letter box – in a sealed, clearly marked envelope – at No.15 Great Pulteney or Villa Magdala on Henrietta Road. Feel free to drop us a line at if you have any questions.

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