Secret Bath

While we don’t have a concierge service, we do have impeccable local knowledge, if you’re looking for off-the-beaten-tourist-track gems that those in the know like to visit. We don’t want to give too many of our secrets away, so we’d recommend you ask one ask of our friendly hosts for their top tips…

Take a tour

We love a tour of Bath, and if you’re looking for something more outré than the Mayor’s Guides have to offer, then we’d highly recommend some of the city’s more niche excursions. You can take a pilgrimage of Bath’s best artisanal food and drink purveyors with Savouring Bath or hear about famed supernatural occurrences on a Ghost Walk. Then of course there are the tours that are self-guided; the quiet paths that take you meandering along the canal from Sydney Gardens at the end of the road, the parks that offer verdant green space in the centre of the city – Henrietta Park lies just at the back of No.15 – and the numerous pop-ups, from supper clubs at Sion Hill or Bear Flat to an Aprés Ski Bar and live music hotspots.

Look up!

How often do you walk around a city and really look? We can’t recommend it enough. We’re always discovering new ghost signs, trompe l’oeil murals, ornate ornamentation in niches we’ve never noticed before and glorious features of Georgian architecture from string courses to charming churches. We’re also big fans of all the idiosyncratic nooks and crannies – Abbey Green, Northumberland Passage, The Corridor, Queen Street – that offer a counterpoint to Bath’s busier thoroughfares. Even the Circus has its own pocket of respite from the buildings, right in the middle beneath the trees.

The Artisan Quarter

Widely regarded as one of the most unique and interesting corners of the city, we like to think Walcot Street, also known as Bath’s Artisan Quarter, is a bit like us in the one-of-a-kind personality stakes. You’ll find a fascinating mix of artists and artisans, boutiques and businesses where you can buy into everything from artisan cheese to hand-woven textiles and some of the most beautiful stationery we’ve ever seen. There’s even the remnants of a Banksy hiding, should you like comics and vintage clothes and know where to look, which chimes perfectly with the new additions from Bristol graffiti artists Cheba and Inkie.

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