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Konomi Horiuchi work at No.15 Great Pulteney Hotel BathPlayful lighting is a bit of a theme at No.15 Great Pulteney. Alongside pieces by big name designers, we’ve also looked to up-and-coming artists to offer their own unique take on decorating a space. Konomi Horiuchi, a recent graduate in 3D Design at Bath Spa University, has created a piece called Hexlight, which seeks to help the viewer visualise the delicateness of light, while also celebrating the translucent nature of the materials used.

“Hexagon-shaped tiles transmit both artificial and natural light from one space to another through solid forms via optical fibres,” explains Konomi, “and when light is transmitted, delicate patterned lines appear. Each tile is made by casting jesmonite and slate powder into a mould, which contains optical fibres.

“I have been interested in using light as medium in my work. I’m often fascinated with the beauty of transparent/translucent materiality and details of work. I also like to combine two different materials such as clear resin and concrete to create a contrast. I believe that by combining opposite materials, the qualities of the materials themselves can be highlighted.

“I’m often inspired by artists who use light as a medium, such as James Turrell and Tokujin Yoshioka. Also, Japanese artists/designers and Japanese traditional techniques tend to inspire me,” says Konomi. The pieces captivate your attention like neon and yet also have an ethereal, otherworldy quality in the way they emit the light. The future for Konomi, and No.15, is bright.

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