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Jamie Mount is 17-years-old. An aspiring up-and-coming artist and Sixth Former at King Edward’s School in Bath, he is, he says, drawn to portraiture and has just started branching out into charcoal drawing. We were seriously impressed with what we saw, and so have asked the ingenu to put his talent to good use, as one of eight artists transforming a wall in each of our loft rooms into their own personal canvas, which reflects their unique sense of style.

Jamie Mount Artist - No.15 Great Pulteney Bath“I was always the arty one out of my brother and sister and I,” he says. “When they were drawing stick figures I was doing big full body portraits and I’ve just always enjoyed drawing and painting. If ever I have a spare moment, I paint, it’s something I do to relax.”

As he leafs through his sketch book, Jamie shows us the incredibly detailed portraits of everyone from family members to Audrey Hepburn, which take him, at most, he says, a couple of hours.

Jamie Mount Artist Drawing for No.15 Great Pulteney Boutique Hotel Bath“I want to move into working with oil paints so I can get a more realistic look and feel to the paintings,” explains Jamie, “because I try to do, not photorealistic, but realistic-looking portraits – that’s my main area of focus.”

And can he reveal anything about the possible subject of his room mural? “I’ve had a few ideas,” he says, as he shows us a drawing of a hole in the wall with a view out through the middle. “This is a view from Alcatraz, because I was thinking about painting a prison break scene,” Jamie tells us, after chatting to a friend about a hotel they’d once stayed in, which used to be a prison.

“I was also thinking of a big night sky scene,” he says. “In the day you’d see it as a normal painting but I had the idea of highlighting the really bright bits with glow-in-the-dark paint, so when the lights go off you can still see the painting.

“I’m still getting my head around how I make the painting flat,” he says. “The wall is on a slant, so I have to stretch it out. I’ve done stuff like this before but never on this kind of scale.

“I do like the idea of the hole in the wall and I think it is a good way to go, but I’m going to keep drawing and thinking of more designs until the deadline!”

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